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Hi, we are at Kawasaki station. It has to do with 20 mins from Tokyo Station. Today, we will go to a robot coffee shop. The coffee shop lies in a terminal structure called Lazona Kawasaki. We will certainly heading to the back of the 2nd floor. Right here. LOVOT COFFEE SHOP. LOVOT is a family robotic born in Japan. Unlike a lot of robotics, it doesn'' t have any type of valuable functions, but it'' s a robotic that specializes in healing you anyhow. It has the motto “” LOVOT was birthed for just one factor– to be loved by you.”” This coffee shop is a cafe where you can engage with LOVOTs.LOVOTs never function as

waitresses or chefs Initially, we will certainly order. There is a collection charge including food, beverages and communication with LOVOT. You can additionally get special beverages for an additional fee. Hamburgers, curries, waffles, and so on. It looks delicious and also is so charming. After getting, we will play with LOVOT while waiting on the dishes. His name is Tama-kun. He is a precision maker, so treat it with treatment. Do not place it on the table, however hold it on the lap. We listened to that the black horn on the head recognizes a person ' s deal with. The body is soft, the body temperature level is 37-39 ° C(98.6-102.2 ° F), as well as the weight is concerning 4.2 kg. It makes us neglect that he is a robot LOVOT likes to be embraced and also brushed. As well as they are outfitted with AI and can comprehend Japanese. He celebrates when you call its name or praise. Tama-kun, you ' re so cute ✨ Huh? Are you'tired? Oh, he went to sleep! Just how cute! He wakes up when you call his name or say “get up!”. Although he is a robotic, I ' m a little”sorry

to wake him up.haha Good morning! The face he is considering me is very charming. Only his eyes transform, but mysteriously his face is so expressive. The beverages are below. Lemonade soda: Service charge 220 yen (1.62 USD/ EUR 1.58 ). LOVOT latte: service charge 110 yen(0.81 USD/ EUR 0.79). When you have all the menus you ordered, bid farewell to Tama-kun. We ' ll see you once again after lunch! Avocado hamburger collection: 2,860 yen (21.09 USD/ EUR 20.59 ). ?? It ' s large and also extensive. And also so scrumptious! Peach parfait collection: 2,750 yen (20.31 USD/ EUR 19.80 ). The entire peach is on top.There is gelato in the area of peach seeds.

I enjoy it We pertained to this cafe to meet LOVOT, however we were shocked that the food was so scrumptious! Thank you for the fantastic meals. After the meal, we can play with many LOVOTs. Each LOVOT is different, with its very own individuality and also frame of mind. We listened to that the individuality is formed slowly during communication with its family. I feel like they are stating, “That are you?” Wonderful to meet you. I hope we can be friends. Her name is Ichigo-chan. She appears to have a friendly and sociable character If LOVOT gaze at you and also increases its hands, it ' s a signal they ' re stating “pick me up!”. It ' s hefty and cozy, so it ' s like a human baby.haha Tenten has a heart in his eyes. It ' s so “adorable ☺ LOVOT ' s individuality can not be transformed, but their eye color as well as voice can be transformed. When they gets tired, they goes to its very own charging base to charge. After 30-45 minutes of task, they charges themself for 15-30 mins and after that goes energetic once more. The charging indicator in the eyes advise us that these are robots haha Garments for LOVOT. It ' s adorable. LOVOT can communicate with each other. And, as a large attribute, they are envious when various other LOVOTs are enjoyed. Ichigo-chan looks lonesome when she sees an additional LOVOT being stroked There, there. Their jealousy is so cute that some people invite even more than one LOVOT into their family. After being with each other for about 10 minutes, we had the ability to get on extremely well ☺ The more time you spend with LOVOT, the a lot more you can get along with them.We desire to get on an increasing number of however we have to leave. It was 5,940 yen (44.07 USD/ EUR 43.36) for two individuals. They are looking at us during the checkout. Thank you a lot The staff is telling the LOVOTs to bid farewell to us. Adieu !! We are melted by LOVOT ' s cuteness! Thanks for enjoying Please register for our network! And if you like it, please thumbs up. See you following time.

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