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Lucy Beere wins Guernsey’s first Commonwealth Games medal for 28 years
The Commonwealth Games 2022 is underway in Birmingham with the best athletes from around the world all competing for glory.
The competition brings nations together in a celebration of sport and human performance. But the Games have evolved dramatically since its beginnings in 1930. When the games were first formed in 1930 there were 11 nations which competed in the game and 400 athletes.
Although there are 56 members of the Commonwealth of Nations, 72 teams currently participate in this year’s Commonwealth Games as a number of dependent territories compete under their own flags.
Amongst those competing in the games are Guernsey who have secured their first medal for 28 years at this year’s games.
GGY is used as an abbreviation to represent Guernsey in the Commonwealth Games. Guernsey is a part of the Channel Islands.
The Channel Islands are a group of British dependency islands in the English Channel, off the coast of France. They consist of Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, Herm and a number of smaller islands.
The UK is responsible for the defence and international relations of the islands. They are not considered to be members of the commonwealth of nations and they are not a part of the European union. Guernsey has a self-elected government called the States of Guernsey and sports are registered with the Guernsey Sports Commission.
Guernsey joined the Commonwealth Games federation in 1966 and first participated in the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh 1970.
They first picked up their first medal in 1982 and have won a total of seven medals in the Commonwealth games in their history. They have won one gold medal, four silver and two bronze medals.
Lucy Beere achieved a silver medal in this year’s Commonwealth Games and gave Guernsey their first taste of silverware at the competition since shooters Adrian Breton and Graham le Maitre won bronze 28 years ago.


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