What’s the best Crypto Arbitrage Bot?

In the last video we explained what arbitrage is and what types it has. To find out more interesting things about arbitrage, watch this video till the end. Hello and welcome back to CryptoMarker. Today I want to talk about the best arbitrage bots and platforms. If you stick around until the end, I'll reveal the disadvantages of cryptocurrency arbitrage and some important issues you should consider. The best crypto arbitrage bots and platforms are: • Pionex : Pionex is an exchange that offers free built-in Bitcoin and crypto arbitrage trading bots. It also offers low fees, as evidenced by the 0.05% charge of their total arbitrage package. • Coinrule: Coinrule is crypto arbitrage software known to work with the top 10 most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and offers military-grade encryption and security. According to its users, it is an intuitive and simple system to set up and to use. Using this crypto arbitrage bot does not require you to know how to code. You can build your strategy without any coding experience. • Napbots: This is a platform that helps you with the crypto market by making the most of arbitrage strategies currently produced by some of the best minds in crypto investing.

You can choose from a wide variety of manual and automated crypto trading strategies to automate your trading depending on the frequency of your transactions. • Cryptohopper : it offers a wide variety of services, such as automated trading, cryptocurrency signals, risk minimization features, trading bot templates, and technical analysis. • Botsfolio: Botsfolio allows you to use a value investment strategy that involves buying assets at a discount to their inherent value, a hedged trading strategy, futures trading and a fixed investment strategy that contains fixed returns of 6% to 8% per annum . You can also invest in a mix of these strategies with allocation amounts determined by you. • Trality: Using it, clients can create a bot and invest money with custom owned or purchased trading strategies. Clients can create their strategies simply by dragging and dropping indicators and strategies with no coding required. Disadvantages of cryptocurrency arbitrage Cryptocurrency arbitrage trading also has some important disadvantages that you should consider before you start trading.

Fiat Currency Due to the restrictions imposed by the local authorities, it may sometimes be impossible to send fiat currency to various cryptocurrency exchanges . Crashing Although there are more opportunities during highly volatile times, some exchanges tend to crash due to the overload as history has shown us. Therefore, your trading bot may buy on one exchange and not sell on another due to a possible exchange conflict or vice versa. This can result in serious losses as you would have open positions and the market may show a sharp increase or decrease. Funds First, it requires some of your funds to be held in cryptocurrency. To benefit from simultaneous arbitrage, you must sell the cryptocurrency at the same time you buy it.

For interest rate arbitrage, you need to have crypto-currencies to be able to borrow fiat currencies. Trading Bot Secondly, to catch spot or positional arbitrage opportunities, you must have a well-functioning trading bot that monitors the prices of all cryptocurrencies across cryptocurrency exchanges, it must also monitor the funds in the wallets and the offered interest rates for borrowing and lending monitor. on these exchanges. Arbitrage Considerations If this is your first attempt at arbitrage trading , there are a few things you may need to consider: • Fees – It is important to consider fees in your trading equation as they can negate any potential gains.

For example, fees on Kraken range from 0.1% to 0.26%, so you may want to avoid arbitrage spreads lower than 0.30%. • Volume – The higher the trading volume on a cryptocurrency, the higher the liquidity of that coin, increasing the likelihood that your trades will be executed. • Avoid slippage – Price drift occurs when you get a different price than expected on an entry or exit of a trade. so extensive research and perfect timing of the market become a crucial component of arbitrage trading. Try watching our videos to learn more about the crypto world..

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