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The main group stage of Worlds 2022 is finally underway. On the second day of the tournament, LEC representatives will face tough matches. We’ll also see Asian organizations take on Western-based teams. Here are the standout series and result predictions for day two.
Predictions: DRX to win
League of Legends Words Odds: 1.51
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When: October 8, 2022 – 23:00 CEST
Group C will open with LEC representative Rogue and LCK team DRX. This match is of great importance for both teams, both to start the tournament well and to take advantage of a good opportunity to get out of the group. TOP Esports is almost certain to make it out of the group. As such, the teams’ fight against each other will be the decisive factor.
DRX, who started Worlds 2022 from the Play-In stage, won all their matches and qualified directly to the Main Stage. Especially the superior play of mid lane player Zeka made the LCK representative’s job quite easy.
Rogue’s Worlds record, on the other hand, is not very encouraging. In previous years, they have always struggled against teams from other leagues. It is quite possible that this scenario will repeat itself in the opening match.
LoL Predictions: G2 Esports to win
Odds: 1.46
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When: October 9, 2022 – 00:00 CEST
After a shaky start, Evil Geniuses improved their performance towards the end of the Play-In phase and made it to the main groups. One constant for them will be their fight against EU. After Fnatic and MAD Lions, they now face G2 Esports in the same group.
However, this time they are up against a stronger LEC team. Despite losing heavily in the LEC final, the G2 Esports roster has proven its capacity over the course of the season. Given the organization’s history on the global stage, they are a step ahead in the matchup.
Worlds 2022 Group Stage Predictions - Day 2
LoL Predictions: T1 to win
Odds: 1.17
LoL Worlds Betting Site: Odds provided by
When: October 9, 2022 – 01:00 CEST
Fnatic had a spectacular last semester. After qualifying for the LEC Playoffs at the last moment, expectations were very low for the team. However, they managed to secure a ticket to Worlds 2022 with a flawless lower-bracket run. They then went on to finish top of their group in the Play-In stage and qualified for the main stage.
While achieving these successes, they managed to regularly improve their performance. However, it would be a bit wrong to think that this upward trajectory will work against T1. Despite their weaknesses, T1 are among the favorites in this tournament and dominating Fnatic is just the first step for them.
LoL Predictions: EDG to win
Odds: 1.19
LoL Worlds Betting Site: Odds provided by
When: October 9, 2022 – 02:00 CEST
On the second day of the tournament, Cloud9 will play one of their target matches. The North American-based team needs to pick up wins against Fnatic and EDG to make it out of the group. The importance of the other matches becomes even more important, especially when you take into account that the strongest team in the group, T1, will be defeated.
The most striking point of the match is the bot lane matchup. Viper and Meiko are seen as one of the best bot lane duos in the world right now. They are the driving force of EDG and will be the team’s biggest trump card against C9. When compared individually, there is not a single lane where C9 outweighs EDG. Unless Blaber and Jensen pull a rabbit out of a hat, the North American team has their work cut out for them.
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