xQc actually wants Twitch to ban gambling because of “disingenuous” streamers – Dexerto

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Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel believes the platform should ban gambling streams despite the fact he has regularly taken part in them before as other streamers can’t be trusted to be open about their losses.
Even though gambling has had a place on Twitch for years at this point, it’s always been a controversial topic within the streaming community.
Whether it’s in-game gambling like loot boxes or skin betting, or using online casino websites to play slots and card games, plenty of big-name streams have gotten involved with streaming gambling content. Plenty of others have called on Twitch to wipe out gambling streams too – or at least put a limit on them.
Former Overwatch pro xQc has caught plenty of flak for being involved with gambling streams previously after he took on a partnership with an online casino. Though, even he’d like to see Twitch put a stop to them.
Speaking during his September 20 stream, the Twitch star stated that he believes the platform should ban gambling streams moving forward as some streamers are “disingenuous” about their partnerships.
“The reason why I think Twitch should ban gamba isn’t that gamba is bad enough to be banned, the fact is a lot of people, a lot of creators, 99% of people who stream gamba have deals and have a system that doesn’t display what gambling is and it’s disingenuous, irresponsible way,” xQc said.
“That is the problem, is that people cannot be trusted to show the actual reality of it. That’s the problem, they are not to be trusted. You understand? That’s why it should be banned, because you cannot trust your average streamer.”
As noted, xQc has taken part in plenty of gambling streams before, but he’s been rather open about the number of hours he was obligated to stream and how much money had been staked against his referral code.
Twitch themselves have said that they are reviewing gambling content on the site, but there’s nothing imminent coming in the way of an overhaul or potential ban.


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